Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Little National Help, Please

The National Sports Collectors Convention gets underway today in Cleveland.  I't being held at the I-X Center and runs through Sunday.

I won't be there.

I've toyed with the idea of attending the National for a day when it was in Chicago (Rosemont, actually) last year, but decided against it.  The show will be back in Rosemont in 2015 (and 2017, too), so I'll have more chances to go if I want to.

I would like a little help for any of you who read this that will be in Cleveland this weekend.

Would you mind being on the lookout for an oddball card similar to this one?

The card if from the 1989 Broder set of Windy City Superstars.  From a post a couple weeks ago, I was able to figure out that the card I'm missing is #6, Shawon Dunston.  I've never seen the card, so what I've got is my version.  The picture on the front of the real deal will be different.

The back should look exactly like this:

The simple back was easy to create.

I you happen to spot one, grab it for me please! I'll gladly pay you for your trouble.

And then I will be troubled by this missing card no more!

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