Friday, July 11, 2014

Cubs Schedules: The '80s

My schedule series has now reached the 1980s.  It was a decade of change for the Cubs as the Tribune Company bought the team during the 1981 season.  Would the schedules see a change?

Let's find out.


These are the last two produced under Wrigley ownership.  Are you surprised that they look like all the others?  The covers are the same as the roster book, the backs have an Old Style ad, and the inside has the same red and blue calendar.

So finally, in 1982 we have a schedule from the new owners.  And the cover?

Identical to the roster book!  And the back has the exact same Old Style ad as the 1981 schedule.  But what about the inside?

Look familiar?  I guess the changes on the field were the priority.

Finally, in 1983, we get a schedule that differs from the media guide.  In fact, the schedule and the media guide wouldn't be paired up until 1995. The back and the inside didn't change, but at least we get some creativity on the front.

The 1984 schedule shows no creativity at all.

1985 uses the ivy and wall numbers in an imaginative way.

Nice use of the uniform numbers in 1986...8 manager Jim Frey and 6 is Keith Moreland.

The 1987 schedule uses a locker shot....why does someone have a yellow shirt in their locker?

1988 is the first time we have a player as the feature....the 1987 ML MVP Andre Dawson.

The decade ends with a picture of Wrigley Field and the new lights.

So we finally got some changes to the outside, but what about the inside?

Big chances.  Here is the 1989 inside.  The schedule has grown from a tri-fold to a quint-fold.  It was so big that it didn't fit on my scanner bed.  I had to combine two scan into one.  The familiar red schedule is gone, too.  It changed to blue starting in 1984.  That was the year the Cubs went to the post-season for the first time in 39 years.  Maybe it was the red schedule that was holding them back!

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