Wednesday, July 30, 2014

1978 Dave Kingman Disc Update

A few weeks ago I had a post on my acquisition of the 1978 Saga Dave Kingman disc.

Kong's position is incorrectly shown as 2B, while on the BigT  version, he is correctly shown as OF-1B.

I also found an auction for a BigT disc that looked like this...

...showing the incorrect position.  I assumed that there were two versions, and I immediately bought the 2B disc.

Unfortunately, this is what came...

...with his position as OF-1B.  I emailed the seller to find out what was going on.  He was confused by my email and called me.  I explained what I was expecting to get, and he said he'd check into the situation.

Later in the evening he called my again. It was bad news.  He made a mistake with his listing, using a Saga picture with 2B instead of the BigT picture.  It seems as if there is no error version of the BigT disc.

So here is the scoop: If the position listed is 2B, you've got a Saga disc.  When it says OF-1B, then the disc is BigT.  There is no corrected Saga disc, nor an error BigT.