Saturday, July 19, 2014

Well, I Should Have Looked A Little Closer

When Series Two came out I picked up the Starlin Castro Manufactured Patch card.

I've been staying away from these, but since there was only one Cub, I bent my rule.

I also bent my rule with Series One, adding the Rizzo patch.

When I got the Castro patch, I looked at it, said, "Nice, a Wrigley 100 patch," and put the card in the binder.

A couple days ago I was paging through the binder.  I came to the two patches, which are side by side.  I then said, "I guess I should have looked a little closer."

While both cards have a Wrigley 100 theme, the patches are not the same.  I knew the Rizzo card had a Wrigley-themed patch and just assumed the two cards had the same patch.  Interesting that Topps made separate patches for each series instead of just reusing the Rizzo patch on the Castro card.

The Castro patch is the actual Wrigley 100 logo.

I'm not sure where the Rizzo design came from.  I wonder if the Wrigley design wasn't released when Topps had to start making the cards.  That could explain why Topps made their own.

Lesson learned--never assume.

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  1. Maybe this is the beginning of Topps never reusing anything. No more recycled patches and no more recycled photos! Wouldn't that be nice?

    One can hope.