Tuesday, July 8, 2014

At the Summit

My quest to add some more brand sets led me to an easy one...Summit.  Easy because there were only two years worth of Summit (1995 and 1996) and easy because the set size was only 200 cards.  It got even easier because the Cubs didn't have much star power, so there were only seven cards between the two years.

In the past I've stayed away from such small sets, but I'm easing my rules in an effort to add more cards to the collection.

I'll start with the 1995 cards.  They were released under the Score name...Score '95 Summit Edition.

We get the two big names on the team, Mark Grace and Sammy Sosa.  Also thrown in is rookie Ozzie Timmons.  You'll also notice an error on Timmon's card....it's got the Tiger's Old English D instead of the Cubs C.  The error went uncorrected.

The 1996 version of Summit was renamed Pinnacle Summit.  Pinnacle had a more high-end vibe compared to Score.  The 1996 cards were also jazzed up a bit.  I wonder if the price was raised, too?

Four Cubs made this set....Grace and Sosa again, plus the unretired Ryno and rookie Kieschnick.

And there you have it..the entire two year run of Summit Cubs....all seven of them.

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