Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Kingman Error Saga

Two days ago I featured this card,

the 1978 Saga disc of Dave Kingman.  Sharp-eyed reader Ecloy noticed a mistake on the card.  I too had noticed it but didn't say anything about it--I was going to do some more digging around and devote an entire post to the error.

Did you find it?

The mistake is that the cards lists Kingman as a second baseman.  Kong played five different positions during his 16-year career (first, third, pitcher, left field and right field), but not once in 1941 games did he play second base.

MSA also made discs in 1978 for BigT and my version...

...shows his correct position, outfield and first base.

So some of these are wrong while others are correct.

That leads to a few questions:

I've checked the Standard Catalog and the Beckett database and neither lists an error version. I couldn't find anything anywhere that mentioned two different versions of the disc. Question #1: Is this an unknown error?

The Saga disc is pretty rare, so I couldn't find any other pictures...Question #2: Was the error fixed on the Saga disc?

While the Saga version if tough to come by, there are several copies of the BigT disc available...Question #3: Is there an error version of the BigT disc?

Yes...and I hope to add one to my collection soon!

We know that the BigT error was corrected.  I'll keep my eyes out for any other Saga discs that show up on Ebay to see if there is a corrected version.

I thought my Saga saga was over.  Apparently it is not!

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