Saturday, July 5, 2014

Some Extra Cubs

So how does someone with over 12,000 Cubs cards end up with some extras?

When they are from Fleer's 1994 Extra Bases set.

I've started looking to add more team sets and came across this one, another that I hadn't seen before.  Fleer released its one and only set of Extra Bases in 1994.  The set consisted of 400 cards and twelve of them were Cubs.  Those are both healthy numbers.

The cards were also healthy---they were  the standard width of 2 1/2" but had a oversized height of 4 11/16"  The cards look like T206 tobacco cards on steroids.  Fleer had issued big cards for hockey, basketball, and football, so now it was baseball's turn.

I'm guessing that the set was released later in 1994 based on a couple things.  First, Ryne Sandberg is not among the Cubs in the set.  He retired  (for the first time) on June 11, 1994.  That would be the only reason for his exclusion.  The 1994 Cubs didn't have enough good players to bump Ryno out.  The cards also have pictures from the 1994 season, because the 125th Anniversary patch in seen on a couple of the players.  Since the strike wiped out the last month and a half of the season, killing any interest in baseball, I find it interesting that Fleer went ahead and released this set.  I wonder how well it sold?

As I said earlier, there are twelve Cubs in the set and here they are.  The '94 Cubs were a last place team and as you look through the players, I think you'll understand why.


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