Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Cubs Schedules: The '60s

While I've had plenty of posts on my scorecard collection, my schedules haven't been given the same attention.  I'll be doing something about that over the next several days as I'll be featuring a different decade each day.

My schedule collection runs from 1961 (the year I was born) to 2014.  Today I'll take a look at the schedules from the '60s.  For many of the years I've got several versions.  However. I'll just be featuring the official schedule issued by the Cubs.

I have often seen the schedules referred to as pocket schedules.  The '60s version of Cubs schedules would only have been pocket schedules if you have really big pockets.  While today's schedules are the same size as baseball cards, the '60s versions were larger.  They measured in at 5 1/4" x 3" through 1967 and then at 5" x 3" the rest of the decade.

At the start of the decade they had an Otis Shepard look to them.  Also notice that the '63 schedule used the same picture as the '61 version.  The sponsor of the schedules was a brand of bread, either Silvercup or Wonder.



The rest of the decade saw a design change.  Instead of an Otis-like picture, the schedule cover matched the cover of the team's roster book.  Bread companies were still the sponsors through 1967.  Starting in 1968, and continuing most years through 2009, schedules were sponsored in part by

Old Style, pure brewed, double brewed the old-fashioned way--fully kraeusened, naturally carbonated.....G. Heileman Brewing Company, La Crosse, Wisconsin.  I must have heard a million Old Style commercials while listening to Cubs games on the radio.

The actual schedule on the inside showed very little change over the decade.


Game times and ticket prices are different, but the style, color, and fonts are almost identical.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Tomorrow we move into the groovy '70s.  Did the Cubs funk it up?

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