Friday, July 18, 2014

My Finest Quest

This is actually a brand I should have snapped up a long time ago....

...Topps Finest.

It meets my usual criteria....multiple years worth of cards (its been issued every year since 1993), large set (early on it had 300-400 per set, though now its down to 100), and licensed (it is a Topps brand).  I'm not sure why I overlooked it, but I am now going after the Finest Cubs.

Using Teamset4u as a reference, I've come up with a Cub checklist of 144 cards.  I picked up several team sets from Ebay and then did a binge purchase at Sportlots for the rest.  My mailman will be happy when I've got all my packages because he's been a busy boy the past few days.

Once I get them all scanned and entered into my spreadsheet, I'll start showing them here.

Right now this is what my Finest folder looks like....empty.  Soon enough it will be full.

For now, here is the checklist that I've come up with.  There are a few cards in red--they are the ones that I haven't been able to pick up.....yet.

1993 3Mark Grace
199379Sammy Sosa
1993      105    Ryne Sandberg
1993145Jose Guzman
1993182Randy Myers
1993188Mike Morgan
199451Steve Buechele
199477Kevin Roberson
199486Rick Wilkins
199493Jose Guzman
199496Mike Morgan
1994162Derrick May
1994175Jose Bautista
1994210Ryne Sandberg
1994236Sammy Sosa
1994249Rey Sanchez
1994286Willie Banks
1994296Steve Trachsel
1994330Karl Rhodes
1994357Randy Myers
1994368Shawon Dunston
1994390Mark Grace
199518Steve Trachsel
199524Kevin Foster
199538Rick Wilkins
199565Mark Grace
199566Rey Sanchez
1995140Shawon Dunston
1995162Randy Myers
1995197Sammy Sosa
1995242Jamie Navarro
1995256Brian McRae
1995314Frank Castillo
199626Brian McRae
199639Ryne Sandberg
1996171Sammy Sosa
1996189Mark Grace
1996212Terry Adams
1996234Ryne Sandberg
1996257Sammy Sosa
1996267Mark Grace
1996316Brooks Kieschnick
1996341Mark Grace
1996347Sammy Sosa
19972Ryne Sandberg
199720Sammy Sosa
199726Brian McRae
1997132Steve Trachsel
1997141Mark Grace
1997168Sammy Sosa
1997188Brant Brown
1997218Brooks Kieschnick
1997262Mark Grace
1997274Mel Rojas
1997277Sammy Sosa
1997303Ryne Sandberg
1997307Kevin Orie
199813Jeremi Gonzalez
199833Kevin Orie
199849Steve Trachsel
199885Sammy Sosa
1998124Terry Adams
1998133Scott Servais
1998139Lance Johnson
1998160Mark Grace
1998238Mark Clark
1998264Kevin Tapani
1998272Kerry Wood
19996Mark Grace
199929Kevin Tapani
199981Kerry Wood
199993Rod Beck
1999109Sammy Sosa
1999124Kerry Wood
1999186Mickey Morandini
1999212Henry Rodriguez
1999250Sammy Sosa
1999261Sammy Sosa
1999264Mark Grace
1999285Corey Patterson
200013Mark Grace
200098Corey Patterson
2000115Ben Christensen
2000120Julio Zuleta
2000148Kerry Wood
2000200Sammy Sosa
2000247Scott Downs
2000286Sammy Sosa
200165Sammy Sosa
2001112Luis Montanez
2001121Steve Smyth
200211Moises Alou
200258Kerry Wood
200289Sammy Sosa
200297Juan Cruz
2002101Nic Jackson
20031Sammy Sosa
200326Kerry Wood
200334Hee Seop Choi
200341Mark Prior
200374Moises Alou
20045Corey Patterson
200470Kerry Wood
200472Greg Maddux
200511Aramis Ramirez
200514Greg Maddux
200556Carlos Zambrano
200561Jeromy Burnitz
200562Corey Patterson
200584Kerry Wood
200597Nomar Garciaparra
2005116Mark Prior
20067Mark Prior
20068Kerry Wood
200620Derrek Lee
200624Juan Pierre
200654Greg Maddux
200724Derrek Lee
200728Mark Prior
200748Carlos Zambrano
200757Aramis Ramirez
2007120Alfonso Soriano
200832Carlos Zambrano
200855Derrek Lee
2008110Alfonso Soriano
2008114Aramis Ramirez
20091Kosuke Fukudome
200912Alfonso Soriano
200938Carlos Zambrano
200983Ryan Dempster
200987Aramis Ramirez
200998Derrek Lee
2009117Rich Harden
2009120Geovany Soto
20108Derrek Lee
201095Ted Lilly
201098Kosuke Fukudome
201133Starlin Castro
201187Andrew Cashner
201192Darwin Barney
201282Starlin Castro
201344Kyuji Fujikawa
201372Anthony Rizzo
201398Starlin Castro

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  1. I think Topps Finest is one of my favorites. Shiny. Oh, so shiny!