Monday, July 14, 2014

Cubs Schedules: The 2000s

As went enter a new century with the Cubs schedules, there isn't too much change with the template.  They are all six fold promotional pieces to sell tickets.

We start the decade with the only schedule that prominently features two players.  Look at Grace....he doesn't seem took excited to see Sammy at home plate.

The 2001 schedule has baseball cards!  This same picture is on the cover of the media guide, the last time the two matched up.  All of the cards were special Wrigley Field editions given away at different games during the season.  I've got a post about the cards here.

This picture is from the Cubs first game at Wrigley after 9/11...September 27, 2001.  Sammy hit a home run and held a flag as he rounded the bases.  You can read more about it and see the home run here.

In Dusty we Trusty... at least from most of one season.

The 2004 schedule marks the beginning of a pretty boring three year run of schedules.  No picture, no players, just a logo.

Year two of the boring run of pictures.

The final year of the boring run....what happened to Dusty??

We're back to players, this time the newly signed savior Alfonso Soriano.

Cubs win!!  The picture is from June 29, 2007. The Cubs spotted the Brewers a 5-0 lead in the first inning and then gradually chipped away at the lead. Aramis Ramirez hit the game winning walk-off home run with two outs in the bottom of the ninth and kicked off a wild celebration.

Another year, another celebration.  The Cubs are celebrating their division title, clinched at Wrigley Field on September 20, 2008.

The layout and format of the schedules was the same the entire decade.  The only noticeable change is the absence of Old Style as a sponsor.    The 1999 schedule was the last time that Old Style was on the back of a schedule.  But you Old Style lovers, don't fret....the beer began putting out their own independent version of the Cubs schedule in 2000 and did that throughout the decade.  I've got all but two of the Old Style schedules.  Once I have all ten I'll get up a post on them.

Tomorrow I'll have the most recent five Cubs schedules.


  1. Collect schedules as well. I actually have this for the 2004:

    How do you know what is the "official" schedule?

    1. Usually the official schedule will have no advertising on the front. Since it's put out by the Cubs, you'll only see the Cubs logo. If you see a company name or logo on the front, it's being put out by them, not the Cubs and would be unofficial. The schedule you have linked is an official one.