Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cubs Schedules: Wrapping Things Up.

Today I'll wrap things up with the schedules.

First, a look at how the schedule has evolved over the years.


My first schedule was from 1961 and it was 5 1/4" x 3".  The schedule was just a one fold piece - four pages.  You had the cover, the schedule on the two inside pages, and a sponsor ad on the back.

In 1977 they were reduced in size to 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" but is became a tri-fold.  The six panels were the cover, sponsor ad, ticket information, and the schedule (on three panels).

An extra fold was added in 1984.  The extra panel had information on season tickets and the give-away dates.

Panel #5 arrived in 1989.  Order forms for tickets and Vineline magazine were added.

Because five weren't enough, 1994 saw the addition of a sixth panel. The extra space was used to additional give-away date information and an October calendar.

Finally, we get today's seven-panel layout in 2013.  It has everything on it but the kitchen sink.

Blogger puts the pictures in at a standard size, so we don't get an idea of the change in size.  I've made up a tile that will give you that perspective:

You can really get an idea of how much more print space is on the 2013 version compared to the 1961 schedule.

And to finish this off, a tile with all 54 schedules.  I hope you enjoyed this look at these as much as I have.  Only one thing I won't do...count the wins and losses over the 54 seasons.  That would be too depressing.  Let's just focus on the fun of the schedules and not dwell on the results!

Got a favorite??


  1. My favorite is the 1984, only because I went to the Baseball Card Day that year on August 8. :-)

  2. Just had to say thanks for sharing the entire lot. As a schedule collector who doesn't collect the Cubs it's very cool to see your complete collection. Going back so far is an impressive feat with how often those got tossed.

    As for my favorite schedule. That 1983 one just keeps drawing me in for some reason. I like how simple it is yet the bear gives it a little extra kick.

  3. Impressive collection! 1962 is my favorite, I think. Collecting schedules...hmm...