Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#1 and #2

The number one spot in the Topps set is a coveted position.  Yesterday I wrote about the Cubs, for the first time ever, landing a player in the first slot.

But with the 2017 set, the Cubs have done something that has never been done before..

...there are Cubs in the first two spots.  Never before in the history of Topps have players from the same team been in the first two slots.


...maybe this should have an asterisks since Jason Hammel is no longer with the Cubs.

Actually, for most of of the first 50 or so years of Topps, you'd never find players from the same team with consecutive numbers. Topps did a pretty good job of spreading out the players from the same team.  That doesn't seem to matter much any more and you'll find several instances in a set now with consecutive players from the same team.

But 1 and 2 have always been on different teams until 2017.  The Cubs continue to smash the record book.


  1. Yep. Not like Fleer where it was done by team..

  2. I think we should call Mulder and Scully.