Wednesday, March 22, 2017

For Topps, 1 = 2

It's time for my annual plea to Topps to hire me to proofread your Cubs cards.  Because once again, they blundered.  Apparently, in the Topps world 1 = 2.


These are the backs of the Heritage cards from Javier Baez and Miguel Montero.  Allow me to blow up the paragraphs for you.  See if you can find the same mistake on both cards.

Did you find the errors?

On both cards, the players' accomplishment in Game 2 of the NLDS or NLCS is mentioned. But, Baez didn't homer for the only run in Game 2.  It was in Game 1.  Same with Montero.  The homer he hit wasn't in Game 2 of the NLCS, it was in Game 1.  I was there.  I remember!

So how do they make the same mistake twice?  How can they make a mistake at all?  It's not like these are trivia questions from 50 years ago.  Chances are the cards were written just a month or two after the playoffs were finished.



  1. Sigh... They really should just hire you.

  2. The ultimate Topps boner is on the 1964 Phillies Rookie Stars card, with this description of pitcher Dave Bennett:

    "The 19-year-old righthanded curveballer is just 18 years old!"