Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gotta Finish '16 Before...

...I can get started with '17.

I'm waiting for Brentandbecca to send me my 2017 Heritage.  I don't mind the wait because I discovered that I wasn't finished with 2016.  Oops.

Heritage is one of the few brands that I try to get all the cards and the inserts.  When I was putting my 2016 Cubs set together, there were a couple inserts that I overlooked.

I have no idea how or why.  I discovered my mistake as I was reviewing the 2017 checklist.  Both skipped sets were retail-only, one at Walmart and the other at Target.  Maybe that's why I skipped them. Being retail only, I wouldn't get them from Brentandbecca, as he busts cases from Topps.

The discs are from Walmart.  These are based on a test product from 1967.  There are 15 cards in the set and 1/3 of them are Cubs.

From Target comes these Stand Ups.  The basis for these was a 1968 test product that was never released.  Why didn't Topps wait until this year's Heritage?  I was also disappointed when these came that they are fake standups.  There aren't any perforations to make them stand up.  It is just a flat card.  This set too has 15 cards and the same three Cubs.

Now I believe I'm done with 2016 Heritage and I hope the 2017 cards arrive soon.


  1. I think Ron Santo was in the original checklist for the stand ups. There's an item I'll never have. Those are pretty cool looking.

  2. I'm collecting the whole set of '16 standups. I've had all the Cubs for a long time! It's the others (*cough* Trout) that I haven't acquired.