Wednesday, March 29, 2017

2017 Opening Day Cubs Set

The Cubs were given 12 cards among the 200 on the 2017 Opening Day checklist.  If you divide 200 by the 30 teams, each team should have six or seven cards.I feel greedy that the Cubs doubled that.

The thing I like most about Opening Day is that it gives a preview of series two cards.  Of the 11 Cubs players, six were not included in the first series, so Opening Day lets us know what their cards will look like.




Those are some pretty big names to have been left out of Series One.  Most of these guys were on leader cards or inserts, so it didn't even register with me that they were being held out until Series Two.

Here's a look at the five that were in Series One:



  1. Are mascots part of the base set this year? They are usually an insert.

    1. bad. There is again a mascot insert set. I'll edit the post.

  2. Plus a Cubs team factory set will fill in more players before series 2 comes out.