Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A Couple More Observations from Series One

Today I've got a couple random observations from Series 1:

Grunt Face is Gone:  Topps did a much better job of picking the pictures used for many of the pictures.  Too often over the past couple years, the cards showed the pitchers with ugly "grunt faces," the look just as they released the ball.  It was not very flattering.


Using more photos like these this year, we see the pitchers looking a little more normal.

Not Much of Wrigley:  Besides cards of Cubs players, I was able to only find two more that are from a game at Wrigley Field.

Way back in the day Wrigley was featured quite often as Topps used photographer based in cities with teams in each league.  Now using pictures from Getty Images, Topps has many more pictures to choose from.


  1. Thanks for doing the legwork on the ivy cards for me! I've barely looked at 2017 cards but now that wrestling season is over, it's time for some Cubs baseball!

    ...and maybe some cards, too!

  2. Nice catch on the "grunt faces" I almost forgot about those. Nice post!

  3. Interesting observations. The ivy is best part of the Span card.