Thursday, March 9, 2017

Series One Uniwatch Edition

I've been reading Paul Lukas' Uniwatch blog for nearly ten years. I enjoy learning about uniform from the past and present.  He usually has interesting content.  I've even contributed to the Ticker a few times.

I found a few things from Series One that might be of interest to any other Uniwatch readers.

This is the only card among the 350 with visible stirrups.  Uniwatch is a fervant supporter of stirrups and I am too.  Some of you may remember that years ago, when WW Jr was in Little League...

...I got him a pair of stirrups. (FYI...he is now a junior in high school and no longer plays ball).

The other item for Uniwatch is that Topps has...

...ditched Chief Wahoo on Indians cards in the flagship.  They are using the block C for the team logo instead of Wahoo.  Uniwatch has been rallying for Wahoo's demise and should be please by Topps' action.

Wahoo was used last year, and all the other recent years as the Indian's logo.


  1. Glad to know there's another UniWatch reader in the Blogosphere (although I've never contributed... hang my head in shame).

    I'm going to potentially take credit away from Topps on this one. They're most likely using the "Block C" because it became the Indians' primary logo last year. Topps often uses a team's primary logo even when the end results aren't terribly appealing, like with Topps Archives cards in the 1991 design, for example.

    Here's an ESPN article about Chief Wahoo getting relegated to secondary logo status.

  2. Just a single one?

    That is a surprise as it seems the number of players going high cuffed has ticked up just a bit. Not much, but it feels there are a few more than 5 years ago. But that could be from all of us paying more attention to their pants.

    1. Most of the guys that go with the high cuffed look just wear colored socks, not stirrups. Very few wear actual stirrups.

    2. I love the colored socks. I'm trying to get my head coach for our high school baseball team to go with the high cuffed look so we can wear cool socks. He's afraid of showing off his chicken legs. Ha!

  3. I remember you sending me one of those cards. I can't believe he is a junior now. I am getting old.

  4. Cool.. I read Uniwatch from time to time, usually closer to baseball season.

  5. Love UniWatch; nearly a daily reader. The stirrups are a classic look, and I'm proud to say that nearly 75% of my college team is rocking striped stirrups this year; coach even got us custom "knicker-style" pants so that we can wear the look appropriately!

  6. Part time UniWatch reader. I'm uncomfortable with The Chief which makes me feel guilty about not being uncomfortable with the Blackhawks Indian.