Monday, March 20, 2017

Are These Cubs Cards? Part I

Twice with this year's Heritage set I was left with the question "Are These Cubs Cards?"

Today I've got my first conundrum.

The Heritage set mimicked the 1968 set by having World Series cards.  There are eight cards, one for each of the seven games of the series and one recap card.  In putting team sets together, Brentandbecca included just five of the eight.

These are the cards from the four games won by the Cubs and the recap card.

But what about these; are they Cubs cards, too?

They come from games 1, 3, and 4, all won by the Indians.

Since I've got the cards, you can guess my thoughts on the matter.  I consider them to be Cubs cards, too.  In my mind, the Cubs were in the World Series and any World Series card is a Cubs card.

Add in these eight and the Cubs Heritage tally is now up to 54 cards.


  1. I'm adding those three cards to my Cubs World Series binder. But, if the Cubs would have lost, I would not have added them to my Cub collection.
    So, yes and no? LOL

    1. If they lost I don't think I'd want to see any of eight cards. The cards would have been a constant gut punch, like card #1 in the 1970 set (World Champions card of the Mets).

  2. In the original 68 set as a Redsox collector I included all the cards for the Previous years World Series

  3. Silly not to include them either way.

  4. I'm in the 'Yes, because the Cubs won.' group. But if we had not won the WS, games 3 and 4 were played at Wrigley so I would have kept them with my non-Cubs Wrigley cards. And since only one card would've went up for trade from the set, I would've kept that as well. lol

  5. Definitely. Part of the great story was 2016!

  6. I went through this very conundrum on the blog a few years ago with a WS subset featuring the Dodgers -- this one the '67 set's tribute to the '66 Series. Since the Orioles swept, it was full of O's. I eventually decided against including them -- they're Orioles cards.

  7. To me, they are team-neutral cards (just like League Leaders and Checklists).

    Is a checklist with Mickey Mantle's floating head on the front a Yankees' card? No! It has 100+ other names on it as well.

    Is a card which happens to also have Maury Wills in the background a Maury Wills card? No!

    But, to each his own.

  8. In any case, it's ridiculous that the CUBS team name is in italics followed by a (R). I guess Topps only goes so far in duplicating their 1968 set!