Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Are These Cubs Cards? Part II

Today let's look at my second "Are These Cubs Cards?" conundrum.

This one is a bit more tongue in cheek.

Are these eight cards Cubs cards?

On the surface the answer is a pretty obvious, no.  None of these eight are on the Cubs or have ever played for the Cubs.

But, on the flip side.

And I really mean, on the flip side, are they Cubs cards?

Because the back of the eight, along with the Rizzo and Bryant All Topps cards, gives us the NL's reigning MVP.

I'm not putting Clayton Kershaw or Bryce Harper into my Cubs binder.

But those backs are pretty sweet looking.


  1. Maybe not binder worthy, but how about framing for the wall?

    1. This seems like a good compromise to me.

  2. I say yes. Yaz was represented in 68,69 and 72 as a puzzle on the backs of cards. Had to include them in my Sox set.

  3. Too bad they couldn't do a nice 3x3 configuration and have it fit in a binder page. And why aren't they in numerical order??

    Looks good anyway!

    1. Well they were paying tribute to the original 1968 puzzle which was the 2x5 layout.

  4. Man, he's everywhere! Not that there's anything wrong with that.