Friday, March 31, 2017

The Opening Day Cubs of the 1980s

Putting together the 1970s lineups was fun, so I'm going to keep going with this.  Here's the 1980s version.

Other than third base, the infield was pretty consistent.  Durham, Sandberg, and Dunston show up quite a bit.  Third base was in the midst of the post-Santo merry-go-round.  Jody Davis had a nice six-year run behind the plate.  Keith Moreland was Mr. Versitile, starting in three different positions.  Fergie had a ten year gap between opening day starts and then Rick Sutcliffe was the starter for five straight years.

How bad was the '82 team that Doug Bird got the nod for the opener?

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  1. That 1989 team was the lineup I used in my Nintendo baseball games with the exception of Dwight Smith in left for Webster. I could probably still name at least 20 of the most used 25 man roster to this day.

    I wonder if we'll ever see back to back years with the same 9??