Friday, March 3, 2017

2017 Series One Cubs Inserts - Award Winners

Topps came up with three different Award Winner sets.  There is Gold Glove, found only in packs sold at Target, Silver Slugger, Walmart only, and MLB Awards, retail only.  The Cubs landed two players in each set, a total of six Cubs out of 50 cards


Heyward and Rizzo won Gold Gloves in 2016.  Odd thing with these cards...the set is called Gold Gloves, and the cards are numbers with GG-.  But on the front it say "Fielding Award" and the write-ups on the back do not use the words "Gold" or "Glove."  I wonder if there is an issue with Rawlings that doesn't allow Topps to use the actual words "Gold Gloves".  Is there a fee Topp must pay Rawlings to use the words?


Kris Bryant is featured twice in the MLB Awards set, once for winning the Hank Aaron Award and once for his NL MVP selection,


Arrieta and Rizzo won the Silver Slugger award as the best hitter at their position.  MLB must own the rights to this name as the front of the card says "Silver Slugger Award" and not "Hitting Award."

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  1. Nice to see more Cubs of course but I find the design overbearing. And I don't think anyone like the use of "Fielding Award". Topps has an exclusive license to make MLB cards and can't get a reasonable deal with Rawlings to use use "Gold Glove"? Unleash the lawyers!