Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Boatload of Arrieta

Last week I mentioned that I picked up some 2016 Heritage inserts.  Two of the cards were of Jake Arrieta.  As I was putting them into the binder, I discovered that I have a boatload of Arrieta from the set.  There are nine different cards for Jake.

First is the base card.  Then you've got League Leaders.  With his amazing 2015 season, he ended up on three of those, wins, ERA, and strikeouts.  All of those led to a Cy Young Award and another card.  Following those are a Then and Now and a Now and Then.  Last are the two recent additions, the disc and standup.

Prior to 2016, Arrieta had a total of three Heritage cards, 

.....a rookie card from 2011, a 2012 High Number card, and a base card from 2015.  

One good amazing season later and he adds nine more.


  1. He also had 2 variations of his base card. One of them is the card you showed and the other is him pitching in the blue jersey.

  2. I was glad to see it when Jake finally got a State Farm gig: