Thursday, March 16, 2017

2017 Heritage Cubs - Extra Base Cards

In addition to the 19 Cubs player cards in Heritage 2017, there are a bunch of others...

Two All Topps team players, which is the same number of All Topps Cubs in the original 1968 set.

Cubs are represented on four league leader cards, but they have six of the twelve slots.  In 1968, there were Cubs in three slots on three cards.

Two of the aces from the 2016 season, but the picture is from 2015.  In the 1968 set the Cubs did not have a combo card.

A combo card of two kids from Vegas....the  bad boy and the nice guy.

Add these eight cards to the 19 from yesterday and 27 of the 500 have Cubs.

And I haven't gotten to the World Series cards yet!


  1. Don't forget the Harper/Bryant card I've seen on Ebay. I think it would be hard to buy a pack of Heritage and NOT get a Cub in a pack!

    1. I did forget about that one! I'm going to add it in to the post.