Monday, March 13, 2017

All I've Got of Him: Bill Hands

The '69 Cubs lost another teammate last week as pitcher Bill Hands died on Thursday.

Hands never got the recognition he should have, as he won 54 games from 1968 - 1970.  Jenkins and Holtzman overshadowed him, but for three seasons he was an extremely reliable starter.

The lack of recognition means a lack of cards too.  I have just 12 cards of him, and that includes two of the 1968 card (one is autographed).  The four non-Topps cards are 1971 Dell Today's Cubs, 1969 Jewel, 1969 Topps Stamps, and Chicago Heroes playing cards set.


  1. I like the Jewel especially with the Wrigley center field backdrop. I was curious about his nickname. One source says that when he was with the Giants teammates thought his delivery resembled that of Don "Big Froggy" Larsen so they started calling him "Little Froggy".

  2. I was just 7 - 10 years old when he was in his prime, but I don't ever remember hearing him called "Froggy." Was it just a nickname used in the lockerroom? I've seen him called that by Fergie in some recent articles.

    1. I'm just slightly older than you so I don't remember much from that time either. When he's talked/written about the nickname seems to come up. Baseball-Reference does note it. I thought it might have to do with his rather distinctive look but given what I just read I guess not.