Saturday, March 25, 2017

Heritage 2018

Let's take a look at what we'll be chasing in eleven months...

...the 2018 Heritage set, which will be based on..

...the 1969 set.

It will be pretty hard for Topps to mess up this design.  It's about as basic as you can name, circle with name and position, picture.  That's it.  As with the 1968 set, these have team specific colors.  The Cubs and White Sox were again given the orange circle.

My dream for Heritage is that Topps would get posed shots from major league parks.  Most of what they've had lately comes from photo day during spring training.  Beyond that, my ultimate wish is that Topps would photoshop the players into period-appropriate parks.  I put Kris Bryant into a late-Sixties Wrigley Field.

That, for me, is Heritage.


  1. I like your idea. Not like Topps is shy about using Photoshop. I'm a Midwesterner. Not a fan of palm trees so I've never liked spring training shots. Your Bryant looks great!