Thursday, March 2, 2017

2017 Series One Cubs Inserts - 5 Tool

Here's the next insert set for review, 5 Tools.

This is another new name for 2017.  A five tool player hits for average, has power, speed, a strong arm, and a good glove. Topps came up with 50 players for this set and four of them are Cubs.  Again, that is way above the average of 1-2 for each team.


These cards look like what an insert is supposed to look like, all flashy and such.

And are these Cubs true 5 Tool players?


My take:
Arrieta...a pitcher, while the term applies to position players
Bryant...4 tools...average, power, speed, and arm but not glove
Rizzo...3 tools...power, arm, and glove, but not average or speed
Russell...4 tools...power, speed, glove, and arm but not average


  1. I like your assessment on Arrieta. Yeah - why the hell are pitchers in this set? I never thought about it so simply as you put it.

  2. I don't know what you're talking about. Jake runs, Jake hits, Jake throws at least three different pitches. 5 tools. Shut up! ;)