Monday, February 9, 2009

Give Me Some Mo' Moe

If you look at the names at a major league roster today, it would sound like you are at the United Nations. Baseball has a diverse group of players, and that is a good thing.

Take a look at the Cubs. You have a Geovany, Carlos, Aramis, Kosuke, Derrek, Ryan, and Ted. All from different countries and/or different nationalities. And they are all good players!

But page through a Cubs team set from 50 years ago and you wouldn't find such exotic names. Instead you would find mostly blue collar, lunch bucket kind of names. Names like Jack, Joe, Frank, and Chuck.

And for some strange reason, for two years the Cubs cornered the market on Moes. A quick search at Baseball Reference comes up with 7 Moes in MLB's entire history. Three of them played for the Cubs in the early 1960's.

Here are the Moes:

Moe #1, Moe Drabowsky. He is the best know of the three, with a pitching career that went from 1956 - 1972. Moe was born in Poland in 1935 and came to the US with his family in 1938. He was a starter early in his career but was switched to the bullpen and made most of his appearances as a relief pitcher.

Topps 1957 - Young Moe

Topps 1958 - as "Mike" Drabowsky. I guess Topps wanted no mo' Moe.

1959 Pink Moe

Moe #2, Moe Thacker. This Moe was a back up catcher who played in a total of 158 games over five seasons. He wasn't much of a hitter, his career average being .177

Topps 1959

Topps 1962

Moe #3, Moe Morhardt. When this Moe came to the Cubs, they got rid of Moe Drabowsky. Apparently there is only a two-Moe limit. He played first base and batted .205 over his 25 game career.

Topps 1962, his only card

Two Moes got in the same game on April 13, 1962, when Moe Morhardt pinch hit for Moe Thacker in the 15th inning of a game against the Cardinals. The Cubs didn't have many mo' players left, so Moe hit for Moe and made one mo' out.

That's it. I got no mo' to say about Moe. So beat it, you knuckleheads!

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