Sunday, February 15, 2009

Progress Report

Within the next week, I should have wrapped up the following complete Cubs team sets:
Topps Heritage
Stadium Club
Allen and Ginter
Upper Deck
Fleer Ultra

All total, it comes to nearly 4.800 different cards, all neatly stored in three ring binders. I've also go an index listing each card by player that comes to over 42 pages long.

What am I missing? What others should I go for? I've tried to limit myself to sets that had at least 300-400 cards, so a team set would have at least 10 cards. I'm not sure I want smaller sets, because I don't really consider 5-6 cards a team set. To me a team means a group of players, not a handful.

Are there other large issue sets that I am missing?

As I wrap these up, I was looking for a new quest. What I came up with was to get the first issue complete set of each of the brands listed above (with a few pricey exceptions - like Topps (that '51 set is just a little bit out of my price range!), Heritage, and Allen and Ginter).

Many of these shouldn't be hard to get at a decent price because they came out in the era of overproduction. I already started by picking up Score 1988 for a mere $5, 1989 Bowman for $10, 1991 Fleer Ultra for $1, and 1992 Pinnacle for $11. I'm in no rush with this project. I plan to just bide my time and keep a watchful eye on ebay. I'm hoping for more bargains like my first few. Of course I could also look at Craigslist and pick up some of these sets too, but Bad Wax's hilarious series of Craigslists Idiots has hinted that it might not be such a good idea.

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