Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Upper Deck 2009

On Saturday, my 2009 Upper Deck Cubs team set arrived.

The Good: The set consists of 20 cards, which is double the number from Topps. All of the "big boys" are included: Zambrano, Soriano, Lee, Ramirez, Soto, Fukudome, Harden. This also beats Topps, which was missing many of the stars. I like the design, mainly because it is easily readable. The players name on the black band really stands out. That is good!

The Bad: Just a couple small things. The "C" on the front is too plain looking. The Cubs rarely use just a "C" as a logo. I think the entire Cubs logo would have looked better. My other complaint would be the emptiness on the backs of some of the cards. It just doesn't look right to have so much white showing.

I've got the cards divided into two groups.

These are the players that are still with the team:

These guys are gone.

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