Thursday, February 19, 2009

I Got Wood Wood

Last week I received an email from a reader named Michael (yes, there are people who actually read my drivel - awesome!!). He had some kind words to say about the blog and to show his appreciation, he offered to send a bunch of autograph and relic cards. I immediately took him up on the offer.

Although I recently bought some jersey cards, I didn't have any autograph or bat relic cards. Now, I have a bunch of them! I've put together a new binder for all the extra cards I have been acquiring.

My favorites of the lot are the two Kerry Wood game bat cards. I really like Kerry Wood as a player and as a person. His career didn't turn out the way we all hoped it would back in 1998, but he still was a significant contributor to the Cubs over the past several seasons. He will be missed.

This Private Stock card is from 2001

This Leaf Mirror Red from 2002 is numbered 32/150

Here is my favorite autograph card from the stack, Aramis Ramirez. He has been the best third baseman the Cubs have had since Ron Santo. The card is a Leaf Certified Cuts, 2004, and is numbered 3/75

I got both a jersey card and autograph card of Mark Prior. Like Kerry Wood, Mark Prior's Cubs career never turned out the way we all hoped it would. The difference with Prior is he never connected with Cubs fans the way Kerry Wood did. He left us more with the impression that he would just take the money and run.

The jersey card is Donruss Elite 2003 and is numbered 31/250.

The Autograph card is from 2004 Absolute Memorabilia and is numbered 70/100

Some of the other cards include...

Glenn Beckertt

Felix Pie

Angel Pagan

Licorice chewing and brush your teeth between innings Turk Wendell

and a bunch of prospects that never made it

All in all, a remarkable gift--thank you very much, Michael

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