Friday, July 17, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 22

Today we have an airbrush free day, though there are four without a hat. We also get one of baseball's alltime greatest.

#186 - John Edwards No, not the former senator from North Carolina, but the catcher from Houston. He is shown in a Reds uniform (where he was a two-time All Star), but when a young catcher with the last name of Bench came along, Edwards lost his job. He spent 1968 with the Cardinals and was traded to the Astros for the 1969 season.

#187 - Leon Wagner
It looks like he is wearing a Reds uniform, with the vest and wishbone C on the red hat, but this is actually an Indians uniform. He was purchased by the Reds from the White Sox over the winter of '68, but the Reds returned him to the Sox at the end of spring training and the Sox immediately released him. He was picked up by the Giants in May of 1969 and appeared in 11 games. Released at the end of the season, he never played in the majors again.

#188 - Rick Wise
1968 was his first year as a full time starter and he went 9-15. The Phillies stuck with him though, and he went 15-13 in 1969.

#189 - Red Sox Rookies
Lahoud spent 11 years in the bigs, though his career average is only .233. Thibdeau never made it to the majors.

#190 - Willie Mays
This is a great looking card of the Say-Hey Kid. In 1969 Willie became the second player to pass the 600 home run mark. But by then, the 38 year old's best seasons were behind him.

#191 - Lindy McDaniel
Lindy is shown with a Giants jersey. He went to the Giants from the Cubs in exchange for Randy Hundley and Bill Hands. The deal was a real bargain for the Cubs.

#192 - Jose Pagan
Another light hitting infielder, Pagan spent several seasons with the Pirates in a reserve role.

#193 - Don Cardwell
Don was a veteran starter for the Mets. He is best known for his first start with the Cubs after being optained in a trade with St. Louis. He is the only player to toss a no-hitter in his debut with a new team.

#194 - Ted Uhlaender
Ted was the starting centerfielder for the Twins in both 1968 and 1969.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 12
Hatless - 44
Airbrush - 35
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 32

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