Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An O-Pee-Chee Question

In late June a settlement was reached between Topps and Upper Deck in regards to a lawsuit Topps filed challenging Upper Deck's use of Topps' designs on O-Pee-Chee cards. This site says that the agreement calls for Upper Deck to stop selling OPC after July 16.

Well, tomorrow is drop dead day, July 16. What will happen?

It this article accurate? Does anyone have more information on this? Will stores be able to continue to sell existing stock or do they have to pull it off the shelves? How much OPC stock is already out there? How much will they have to destroy? And what will it do to the value of existing cards?

Please jump in with any information you've got.


  1. what I understood was that UD had until July 16 to stop selling OPC Baseball, wholesale. So all UD had to do was get the OPC out of their warehouses, and into distributors hands by that date.
    Not a big deal to be sure. A couple of phone calls, and a few trucks.... done.

  2. That's what I was thinking, too. But why would Topps agree to that? It seems like a settlement with no bite. Unless Topps figured they wouldn't win in court. With this settlement, Topps get a "win," and Upper Deck has no real harm come its way. I suppose for Topps the real win is that Upper Deck can't use a Topps design on future OPC sets.