Saturday, July 18, 2009

2009 Allen and Ginter Cubs

It's been a bit unsettling the past couple weeks as it seems like everyone else has been posting about their Allen and Ginter cards. I have been reading the posts and patiently waiting for my Cubs set to arrive. I was able to pick up the 17 card Cubs set (11 base and 6 National Pride) as a presell off of ebay for only $5.50. But then I had to wait for the release of the product, the seller to collate the set, and then Mr. Mailman to deliver.

Well, the cards finally came yesterday. There are 11 Cubs players in the base set which is the most Cubs ever. Last year there were only seven, with ten in '07 and nine in '06. I also picked up the two relic cards, Rich Harden and Kosuke Fukudome. The final card I nabbed is the Carlos Zambrano baseball highlights card.

My overall impression on the set is the same as most of you, I really like them. What I like the most is that all the Cubs are shown in their home blue pinstripes. It's a classic uniform and anytime a card can show the home duds instead of the roads or alternate blues, I'm all for it. Topps also did a pretty decent job of selecting players. The only glaring omission is Ted Lilly. Maybe Ted will get a card in '10 since he made the All-Star team this year.

So, today I've got 14 cards to show you. On Monday I'll get to the National Pride Cubs cards.

Ryan Dempster

Kosuke Fukudome - notice how on all the other cards, the blue on the hat and sleeves in washed out. But on Kosuke's card, its the normal, deep Cubbie blue. I like this card much better because of that. The question, of course, is why wasn't Topps consistent?

Kosuke Fukodome jersey card, and I know this has to be a Cubs home jersey.

RIch Harden

Rich Harder jersey card- could be from either an Oakland or Cubs road jersey.

Derrek Lee

David Patton

Aramis Ramirez, who looks very deep in thought.

Jeff Samardzija

Alfonso Soriano

Geovany Soto, with a strange look on his face, a weird-looking "I got the munchies" kind of grin.

Ryan Theriot

Carlos Zambrano, looking especially nice in the pinstripes. Dump the blue softball jersey, Carlos, and go with the pinstripes!

Carlo Zambrano Season Highlights - this card has a UD Documentary feel to it, since the season highlight written about on the back was his no hitter over the Astros on September 14. The game was an away game, though held at Miller Park because a hurricane was bearing down on Houston. But the card shows Carlos in a home uniform. Since Carlos always selects the blue alternate to wear when he pitches, all Topps had to do was make the pants gray and then the card would be accurate. I don't know why they didn't do that.

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