Tuesday, July 21, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 23

This page features a couple Cubs of '69 and one of the greatest pitchers of the '60's

#195 - John Odom Blue Moon Odom has his KC A's hat airbrushed out. He won 16 games for the A's in 1968 and followed it up with a 15-6 season in 1969.

#196 - Lum Harris
After short runs as the manager of the Orioles and Astros, Harris took over the Braves in 1968 and led them to a .500 finish. 1969 would be his best as the Braves won the NL West with 93 wins.

#197 - Dick Selma
Shown in a Mets uniform, Selma was selected by the Padres in the expansion draft. But his stay in San Diego was short as he was traded to the Cubs in late April.

This is what his 1969 card should have looked like. He spent the year as a fourth starter and occasional bullpen pitcher. But his most famous contribution to the 1969 Cubs was serving as the cheerleader to the Bleacher Bums. His antics were shown on the back of his 1970 card, even though he was traded to the Phillies in the off-season

#198 - Willie Smith -
Willie is a Cub, so he gets his own post tomorrow

#199 - Jim French
French was the typical back-up catcher, good glove, no stick. He spent his entire seven year career with the Senators and his life-time average was .196.

#200 - Bob Gibson
This is another card that would look really nice if it wasn't off-center. The Hall of Famer was coming off a monster year in 1968, winning the MVP and Cy Young with a 22-9 record. His ERA was 1.12. Yes you read that right, no typo - 1.12. The amazing thing is he lost 9 games with an ERA that low. He also had 28 complete games out of the 34 he started. Can you imagine that- only six starts that he didn't finish. Today if a pitcher finishes six games its a major accomplishment. Gibson went 20-13 in 1969 and his ERA "ballooned" to 2.18.

#201 - Russ Snyder
The hatless Russ has a pretty unflattering look on his face. He split the 1968 season with the White Sox and the Indians. He was a back-up outfielder for the Tribe in 1969 and was sent to the Brewers before the start of the '70 campaign.

#202 - Don Wilson
He is wearing an Astros jersey (you can see the H for Houston just under his arm) but the hat still had to be airbrushed out. He was an up and coming starter for Houston, tossing a no hitter his rookie season of 1967. He won 13 in 1968 and won a career-high 16 in 1969.

#203 - Dave Johnson
This is the second green circle-black last name card in a row. Johnson was an All-Star in 1968 and repeated in 1969 and also won a gold glove. The final 24 games of his playing career were spent with the Cubs in 1978.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 13
Hatless - 45
Airbrush - 40
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 35

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