Friday, July 31, 2009

196(9) At A Time - Page 26

#221 - Art Shamsky I usually don't have much to say about a Met, but this card features a player who was on the Reds in 1967, which means the picture was taken at Wrigley Field. You can see a little of the scoreboard towards the bottom right of the card.

#222 - Duane Josephson
A nice posed shot of the Sox catcher. I had a hat just like his when I was little and still under the influence of my Sox-rooting family. My grandpa spent part of his high school years on the north side and was a Cubs fan, so with his help I was able to escape from the dark side in 1969.

#223 - Tom Dukes
The red brim on the hat would mean he is wearing a Braves hat. Dukes was traded from the Brave to the Astros in 1966. The Padres got him in the expansion draft and he had a 1-0 record in 13 games.

#224 - Angels Rookies
Harrelson got in to 10 games with the Angels in 1968, but never played in the bigs after that. Kealey pitched in 15 games for the Angels in 1969. After the 1970 season he was traded to the White Sox and he had a couple decent season with the Pale Hose. The big question from the card is...what is up with Kealey's glasses?? Those are pretty funky looking.

#225 - Don Kessinger
The Cubs All-Star shortstop gets his own post tomorrow.

#226 - Bruce Howard
The smiling Bruce Howard is in a White Sox uniform, though he was traded by them after the '67 season. He started 1968 with the Orioles and was traded to the Senators in June. He had a 5.36 ERA in Washington and never played in the major leagues after that. His card also mention an oddity for a pitcher: Bruce was a switch hitter.

#227 - Frank Johnson
This part-time outfielder got into 67 games for the Giants in '68 and figured he was on his way. But in 1969, he went the wrong way and played in only seven games

#228 - Dave Leonhard
Dave is one of the luck few who got to play for his hometown team. The Baltimore native was 7-7 in 1968 and followed it up with a 7-4 season in 1969. He pitched in game 3 of the World Series and was taken deep by Ed Kranepool.

#229 - Don Lock
This is not an attractive card, in fact, its ugly! Lock was a part-time outfielder for the Phillies in 1969, but after only four games he was traded to the Red Sox. He hit .224 in 53 games in Boston. That was the end of the line for Lock.

Overall Set Totals (player cards only)
Hall of Famers - 14
Hatless - 49
Airbrush - 45
Cubs (includes past, present, or future) - 37


  1. Poor Don Lock. The photographer could have at least positioned him with his back to the sun.

  2. But the face of Don Lock is very bizzare.

  3. Bruce Howard has a nice smile.