Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ebay Deal of the Day

I know that Derrek Lee's numbers have been down since his career year in 2005. But look what I picked up for a whopping...

38¢ (plus a couple bucks shipping)

A 2006 Turkey Red Jersey card, with a nice Cubbie blue stripe on it.

I haven't been collecting too many jersey cards, but today I was working on putting together some Turkey Red team sets. I stumbled on this card when there was nine minutes left in the auction. The current bid was one cent. I figured what the heck, bid a dollar and nine minutes later I was 38¢ poorer but one jersey card richer.


  1. No joking here but I am almost 100% positive that I owned that card less then 3 weeks ago. I sold off my collection to pay some bills and get a new phone. Was the seller lilslip (or something like that?) if it comes from Rochester, MN then it is a really small world.

    Holy Hitter (from SCU)

  2. That would have been very cool, but the card came from BrillantCards.

  3. yeah I saw that after checking around on ebay. I am not kidding though that the card I had was exactly the same, even with the placement of the pinstripe.....

    Holy Hitter