Friday, July 3, 2009

Goudey Goodies 2008

There are 12 Cubs in the Goudey set from 2008. Only seven of the twelve were active players, while five cards were of Cubs stars from the past.

I'll start with the active players

Kosuke Fukudome: all the hype in early 2008 led Upper Deck to put Kosuke in the set.

Rich Hill: No longer able to throw strikes, the Cubs dealt him to the Orioles, where Hill continues to have the same trouble.

Derrek Lee: A nice pose of the Cubs first baseman

Aramis Ramirez: Boy do we need him healthy!

Alfonso Soriano: He rated two cards, the regular and a black and white card. I'm still waiting for him to earn his salary this year.

Carlos Zambrano: Z glaring in before a pitch.

And now, the cards of Cubs greats from the past.

Ernie Banks: Let's Play Two...Let's give Ernie two cards. Mr. Cub rates a regular card and a Sports Royalty card. Both look very nice.

Andre Dawson: The Hawk gets a Sports Royalty card in Cubbie blue. The card highlights his MVP season in 1987, when he won the award while the team finished last.

Ryne Sandberg: Ryno's card makes mention of his overlooked 1990 season. His MVP season of 1984 is well-known, but in 1990 he hit 40 home runs, drove in 100 runs, and hit .306. Not too shabby.

Billy Williams: My favorite Cub of all time rates a card in the set. A quiet man who just went about his business, Billy was overshadowed by many of the other NL sluggers of his era. It's nice to see him get a little recognition.

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