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#23 - Leroy Herrmann, and a Recap of all of the 23's

I've reached the end of the line. Actually, this is the start of the line (I've been working backwards from Ryne Sandberg). Leroy Herrmann was the first Cubs player to wear #23, as he was a part of the 1932 team, the first season the team sported numbers.

Herrmann pitched in seven games and was 2-1 but his ERA was a huge 6.39. He was also the first Cub player to abandon #23, switching to #21 in 1933.

And so ends our look at all of the Cubs who wore #23, from Leroy Herrmann to Ryne Sandberg. Other than Ryno, it was pretty much a collection of stiffs who had those digits on their back. I wonder how Ryno escaped the curse??

Here are what the numbers look like for all of the pitchers. They were a combined 73-75 with a 4.02 ERA in 322 games. Yuk!

PlayerYear GamesWinsLosesERA
Leroy Herrman19327216.39
Lynn Nelson193324553.21
Lynn Nelson193420136.00
Roy Joiner19352005.40
Clyde Shoun19355102.84
Clyde Shoun193640012.46
Vern Olsen19394100.00
Vern Olsen1940341392.97
Vern Olsen1941371083.15
Vern Olsen194232694.49
Vern Olsen19465002.79
Doyle Lade19473411103.94
Doyle Lade194819564.02
Doyle Lade194936455.00
Doyle Lade195034564.74
Andy Varga19512003.00
Dave Cole195418385.36
Bubba Church19547139.82
Bubba Church19552005.40
Jim Bronsnan19588343.14
John Buzhardt19586301.85

The position players were just as bad. Less Sandberg, they combined for a .233 average.

PlayerYear AverageGamesHR RBI
Phil Cavarretta1937.286106556
Phil Cavarretta1938.23992128
Roy Hughes1944.287126128
Roy Hughes1945.2616908
Jerry Kindall1956.1643200
Jerry Kindall1957.16072612
Jerry Kindall1958.167300
Moe Thacker1958.2501123
Art Schult1960.1331201
Nelson Matthews1961.111300
Nelson Matthews1962.30615213
Bobby Smith1962.1721312
Nelson Matthews1963.15561410
Don Young1965.0571112
Carl Warwick1966.2271600
Ron Campbell1966.2172404
Manny Jimenez1969.167600
Jimmie Hall1969.2081101
Jimmie Hall1970.0942801
Adrian Garrett1970.000300
Ramon Webster1971.3131600
Carmen Fanzone1971.1861225
Carmen Fanzone1972.22586842
Carmen Fanzone1973.27364622
Carmen Fanzone1974.19065422
Pete LaCock1975.229106630
Pete LaCock1976.221106828
Mike Gordon1977.043802
Mike Gordon1978.200400
Jim Tracy1980.2544239
Jim Tracy1981.2384505

Ryne Sandberg deserves to be in the Hall of Fame, if only for surviving as long as he did with #23 on his back.

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