Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Well, That Was Too Easy!

I'm on the hunt for Cubs from the 1955 Bowman set. The plan was to pick them up one at a time on ebay, from auctions only; no Buy It Now. Usually my timing on ebay is lousy, but my luck seems to be changing for the better.

Just as I started my Bowman project, I found a seller who had two auctions going, one for a six card lot of '55 Bowman Cubs, and the other was for eight different '55 Bowman Cubs. That was 14 of the 17, available in one fell swoop!

I swooped!! There was very little action on the auctions and I won both lots, at less than $1 per card! It wasn't as fun as getting the cards one at a time, but it sure was a whole lot cheaper. And saving money can be fun, too!

So now my project is down to needed only two more cards. And with the end in sight, I may cave in and go the Buy it Now route, especially if I can find a seller with both cards, and save on the shipping charges.

Here are the cards I picked up (less the Jim Brosnan I already had). Again, mint condition was not a priority with these. Since the cards are 55 years old, I'm ok with VG.

These first three are all low number cards. It looks like early on in the set, Bowman had a lighter colored TV set. This is reminiscent of what Topps did in 1968, when the first series burlap cards had a different look than the rest of the set. And the Gene Baker card has a first for me, a player wearing a band-aid on his face.

The rest are below. My only disappointment is that none of the cards feature Wrigley Field. It looks like they were all taken in Brooklyn or Philadelphia.


  1. It's interesting that with all the airbrushing that went on back in the "old" days they wouldn't have tried to get rid of that bandage on Gene Baker's head.

    Nonetheless, that is an awesome collection of cards. Nice pick ups.

  2. Sweet cards. I would love to do the same for the Yankees, but I'm sure grabbing a Ford, Mantle, Berra or Rizzuto would put me back a bit.