Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Last Two from 1955

My quest for Bowman 1955 Cubs was in the home stretch, needing only two more cards. Ebay auctions were not being helpful, so I went another route. I went to the Beckett Marketplace.

When I first got back into the hobby, I used the Beckett Marketplace quite a bit. The selection was huge and the prices were good, especially for commons. Then they instituted a minimum card price of 25¢ and I found Sportlots, with 18
¢ prices.

Now I'll only use Beckett for harder to find cards. I was able to find a single seller with the two cards I needed, which cut the shipping charges. One thing I do like about Beckett is that the cards tend to be graded more honestly than ebay.

It took a week, and the cards arrived.

Harry Chiti; one of the best names in baseball. Can you just hear the fans from the bleachers yelling, "Hey Chiti, you're Sh***y!"

Dee Fondy, the Cubs regular first baseman for 5½ seasons.

And with the set now complete, here are the rest of seventeen cards.

It feels good to have another set completed. Up next, Bowman 1948, Bowman's first set.

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