Friday, June 25, 2010

Take A Peak At My Peak

I think I've got them all now!

I thought I had them all a couple times, and then find another. But now, I'm done.

Among the 2010 Peak Performance inserts, I counted 18 different Cubs cards from the regular cards, autographs, and relics. That is almost as many as there were regular base cards (there were 24 base Cubs). That's a lot of cards to chase. Actually, in my opinion, that was too many to chase. But chase them I did.

So take a peak at all of my Peak Performance,

There are two regular Peak Performance cards, Derrek Lee and Alfonso Soriano

There were also two autographs, Milton Bradley and Randy Wells. The good news is that of all the Cubs, these were two of the easiest and least-expensive to chase.

That leave a whopping 14 relic cards. There was one bat....

Five home jerseys

Six road grays

and two blue alternates.

I'm glad I got them all, but in future years, I think I will just stick to the base cards. When you add in all of the other inserts, they outnumber the base cards. That's just wrong. I'd rather let the base cards be the stars.


  1. That's an absolutely absurd number of relics. Thank God the Tigers don't have anything like that. I mean, they have a bunch, but nothing even close to that.

  2. I usually chase the base set. If I happen to get an insert/relic along the way I won't complain, but I'm not stressing over it.