Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Halfway Point of the Year - Reviewing My Goals

At the beginning of the year, I gave myself several goals for 2010. Now that we are just about at the halfway point of the year, it's time to see how I've done:

My goals from January are in red, and my current status is in black

One goal is to keep getting the new stuff. That should be easier now that Topps has the exclusive MLB contract. The other companies are really going to have to wow me to get me to buy any of the logo-less stuff. From Topps in 2010 I expect to add to my base set, Heritage, Allen and Ginter, Chrome, Bowman, and Turkey Red. Since many of my team set binders are arranged by decade, I'll need to start several new binders.

So far, so good on this one. I've got the base set, Heritage, Bowman, and Turkey Red taken care of. Not on my list, but also complete is National Chicle. I bought the Allen and Ginter team set yesterday. Chrome and T206 will be in my sights as soon as they are released. I did break down and buy the Upper Deck cards, but I'm glad I don't have to worry about them anymore.

A second goal is to add more unusual or odd-ball Cubs team sets to the collection. I'll write more about this in the future, but one of the sets I'll be chasing are the team-issued cards given out at Wrigley Field on Baseball Card Day. There are a few other odd-balls that I'll be looking for as well.

This was a fun one to tackle. I got the Cubs team-issued sets taken care of. That was over 400 cards that I had never seen before. I've also added cards from Conlon, Coke, Action Packed, and Topps Giants. And I'm always scanning ebay for more of these.

A third goal is to put the rest of the Topps complete sets in binders. I have to get 1986 - 2009 put away. I really like the accessiblility and the protection the binders give me. Putting the cards in binders also give me the opportunity to give everything a quick look and make sure I'm not missing anything.

This one I wrapped up a week ago and wrote about it yesterday.

Goal number four is to finish the Turkey Red 2005 set and to get a Topps Chrome 1996 set. It's mostly shortprint cards left with the Turkey Red, so I'll be adding to that a few cards at a time. I've been searching ebay weekly for complete 1996 Chrome sets, but in two months, not a single complete set has been listed. I may have to build that one myself.

I'm one for two with this goal. The Chrome 1996 set is done, but I had to do it buying lots of singles. Luckily, there were sellers at Sportlots that had stacks of these, so it wasn't too difficult. The Turkey Red set got put on the backburner. I think I'll tackle that in the fall, when baseball season is over.

My last goal is to enjoy what I've got and share it with you. Having everything handy and easy to get to should make that easy to accomplish that goal.

I hope I've been getting my last goal taken care of. Since scanning in all of my Cubs, it's been much easier to get posts up, one a day. Now I'm working on getting all my Cubs cards on Photobucket.

It's hard to believe that 2010 is nearly half over. But now that it is, my big question is..... it Twenty-Ten or Two Thousand Ten?

Anyone got a definitive answer on that??


  1. I'm going with Twenty-Ten...

  2. If you want to pick up oddball team sets check out Check out their auctions site. They usually have cool oddball team sets that are hard to come by. Things like old Tiffany, O-Pee-Chee, Fleer Glossy, Fleer Spanishh, and expansion sets. Everything I have seen goes at a reasonable price. The next auction starts on Tuesday night.

    Just don't bid on Red Sox or Virdon, those are mine.