Friday, June 11, 2010

#23 - Roy Hughes...with a very interesting Cubs fact

We're back far enough now that we are in the pre-Topps era. There are still eight more #23's, and I have cards for four of them. Most of the cards are from the Conlon sets put out in the early '90's. Anyone interested in baseball history from the '20's - '40's should check out the Conlon sets.

I'm sure none of you have ever heard of this #23, Roy Hughes. I know I never did. But I ended up learning a very interesting Cubs fact for him.

He is shown on this Conlon card as a part of the nicknames subset. His nickname was "Jeep" because he was so quick on his feet.

Hughes career was in two parts. From 1935 - 1939 he was a utility infielder for the Indians, Browns, and Phillies. An injury sent him back to the minors for a number of years. In 1944 he returned to the majors with the Cubs, due mainly to the drain of players due to World War II. He stayed with the Cubs through their pennant winning season of 1945. He went back to the Phillies for 1946 before he was done for good.

This picture is taken from the Wrigley Field scorecard for the 1945 World Series

And that is where Roy Hughes has made a name for himself in Cubs history. In the bottom of the ninth of game seven of the 1945 World Series, Hughes singled. The next three batters were retired and the Tigers won the game and the series. That means that the last Cub player to have a hit in the World Series was............

..............good old #23, Roy Hughes.

Vern Olsen wore #23 before Hughes did, from 1939 - 1942 and after Hughes, in 1946. I don't have any cards of Vern Olsen.

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