Sunday, June 13, 2010

Check Out My List

When I do "Five Random Cubs Cards" I always mention that I have all my Cubs listed on a spreadsheet. Today, I'll share that spreadsheet with you.

Right now my sheet in done with Excel. I was playing around with Google Docs today and exported some of the sheet. If Google can match all of the features of Excel, then I'd like to make the switch completely. That would give me access to the sheet from any computer.

The first sheet has the players listed in alphabetical order and then by year. The second sheet has the totals by brands. My excel spreadsheet has a separate sheet for each of the brands, too, but I didn't include it on the Google Doc.

So take a peak at all 7,327 cards, from




  1. Your level of organization is amazing!

  2. When it comes to organizing, I thought I was half-way decent. Now I realize I am just pond scum.

    That is awesome.

  3. I would need the next 4 summers off to do that with my Dodgers, and I'm sure I don't have as many of them as you do Cubs.


  4. Thanks for all the kind words. Don't be so hard on yourselves!! It wasn't as hard as you might think. There were a couple things that made the list possible...
    ...I have complete team sets, which means I can "borrow" the checklists from Teamsets4u. I did a lot of copying and pasting from there. That meant I didn't have to go through my binders card by card. least half of the cards have been picked up in the last couple of years, so as they were added to the collection, they were added to the spreadsheet. It was just adding a little at a time, instead of all at once.

  5. Nicely Done!

    I can't even get myself to do that for one player. Forget the whole team.