Saturday, October 30, 2010

1990 Topps TV Cubs: The Prospects That Didn't Make It

Today is the final installment on the 1990 Topps TV set. The 16 cards are of the players in the set that were prospects, but these guys never made it to the majors. I'll list the years the player played pro ball and the number of games they played in the highest level they reached.

1985-1991, 107 games in AAA

1985-1991, 430 games in AAA

1988-1993, 390 games in AA

The Cubs first round pick in 1988; 1989-1996, 1015 games in A....can you believe that, a #1 pick that never got above A ball!

1985-1990, 93 games in AAA

1986-1992, 31 games in AAA

Another #1 draft pick of the Cubs, 1989-1997; 373 games in AA

1983-1992, 535 games in AAA

1986-1990, 98 games in AA

1986-1991, 29 games in AAA

1985-1990, 19 games in AAA

1986-1990, 39 games in AA

1986-1990, 69 games in AAA

The Cubs first round pick in the 1985 Winter draft, 1985-1993, 463 games in AAA

Brother of Cubs catcher Rick Wrona, 1983-1990, 259 games in AAA

1985-1991, 8 games in AAA


  1. These are kinda neat, though the only names I recognized were Ty Griffin and Earl Cunningham. I hope they all got copies of their only "Major League" cards.

  2. Griffin and Cunningham are the only ones I recognized too.