Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Quade Is In

Yesterday the Cubs named interim manager Mike Quade as the manager for 2011. I've got mixed feelings about this.

Quade did a good job when he took over for Lou Piniella the last six weeks of the season. The team played well and I suppose he passed his trial run. I really think the job was his to lose. If GM Jim Hendry was serious about Ryne Sandberg, then Ryno would have taken over for Lou. But Hendry showed his hand by bypassing both Alan Trammell and Ryne Sandberg, and when the team played well, Quade was in. I have to admit I was impressed with the job Quade did, and I hope he can continue his success in 2011.

My only disappointment is that it would seem that Sandberg's time in the Cubs organization is over. He's rumored to be a candidate for the Marlins' job. For his sake I hope he gets it, but it will be very strange to picture him in anything other than the Cubs blue pinstripes.

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  1. I think that Quade is a good choice, he seems to be a players manager and I seemed to me that the team responded well to him. I was hoping that Ryno would get the job, but maybe he'll just wait it out and see what happens with Quade. Or he could get the Florida job, get his feet wet there, then move to the friendly confines a few years down the road.