Thursday, October 21, 2010

Topps Chrome...Rich Harden, Really??

I got my 2010 Topps Chrome Cubs a few days ago. I'll get the rest up soon, but I had to talk about this card right away.

Rich Harden has a Chrome card showing him as a member of the Cubs. This would be the same Rich Harden that was signed by the Rangers on December 10, 2009. That's nearly ten months before Chrome was released. Ten stinking months!

There are three Cubs rookies in the set. Topps would have had to wait until the 2010 season was under way to add them to Chrome. So why was Harden left as a Cub?

Was the airbrush broken? Photoshop computer down? Or is this just plain laziness on Topps part?


  1. Harden was a Ranger in the Opening Day set, if I recall. So, yeah, Topps may be getting lazy already!

  2. Here is what I think Happened. I think Topps created or made most of the set by May. Topps released the Chrome Checklist at this time. There were a few TBD rookie cards in the set. As the season went on Topps added a few more rookie call ups and got back all the on card Autograph Cards from the rookies. So I think this card was already made 5 months ago as Topps was waiting to put its whole set together.

  3. I'm glad he isn't in a Ranger uni. That means I don't have to have that one. He was just awful.