Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Bowman 1953, The Real Deal

A few Fridays ago I featured the 1953 Bowman Cubs. At the time the only Bowman '53s I had were reprints.

Not any more. Thanks to ebay and Checkoutmycards, I've got all eleven of the real things. And I am very pleased with the way they look.

This was my first major Checkoutmycards purchase. I was happy with the cards, the cost, and the shipping time. The only problem I have is that I would have liked to make offers on some of the cards, but in order to do that, I would have had to first purchase store credit. And if I my offers were declined, then it would cost me 20% to get my money back. I like ebay's free Best Offer system better.

Despite being 57 years old, the color on the cards still looks very nice. I just wish a few of these were taken at Wrigley Field instead of the Polo Grounds. I would love to see the ivy and brick of this era in color.

I'll list the players names along with the cards, since that is missing from the front and I doubt you would recognize most of the players by face. Heck, you probably don't recognize the names anyway...I know I don't know too much about most of these guys!

Bob Addis

Toby Atwell

Tommy Brown

Phil Cavarretta

Harry Chiti

Warren Hacker

Turk Lown

Paul Minner

Bob Rush

Hank Sauer

Bill Serena

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