Sunday, October 10, 2010

Star Sunday: 1991 Ryne Sandberg Gold

This week's featured Star set is Star Gold from 1991. By this time, Star was putting out a bunch of different titled sets of basically the same players. Sets from 1991 include All Stars, Gold, Home Run, Nova, Platinum, Silver, and Stellar, plus the base Star set. Sandberg was featured in each of the sets, so with Star alone you could add over 60 cards to your Ryne Sandberg collection. I've got all of them except All Stars and Stellar.

The Gold release was limited to 1,500 sets. Mine is #437. Star didn't number the cards like the manufacturers do today. Instead, they put a sticker with the set number on the case the cards came in.

As with most Star sets, the design is pretty basic and the information on the back is pretty skimpy too. Most of the shots were taken at Wrigley Field. The most interesting one to me, though, is the spring training shot. I always like a card with parked cards in the background!

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  1. I like the look of the Star cards. Yeah, the look is simple, but you focus on the picture. Those are some great shots of Ryno, even the one in front of the cars.