Saturday, January 8, 2011

D-Lee Auto

Here is another recent autograph addition to my collection. The card is from Upper Deck's Premier set in 2008. It numbered to 25 (mine is number seven) and I picked it up for all of $3.40.

A year ago I would have expected to pay a lot more than that for his autograph. But now he is an Oriole and I'm guessing that their fans won't be flocking to ebay to buy his cards. It's interesting that Baltimore seems to be a landing place of several ex-Cubs (Korey Patterson, Felix Pie, Rich Hill). I suppose their GM (and former Cubs GM) Andy McFail has something to do with that.

Derrek Lee is probably my favorite Cub of the last ten years and I haven't found a player to replace him yet.

Good luck in Baltimore, D-Lee

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